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New Body Will Streamline Dubai’s Approach To Attracting Foreign Investment -

Posted: 26 February 2014
The creation of a new, autonomous government body to nurture an attractive investment climate in Dubai makes the Emirate's approach to attracting foreign investment more streamlined and cohesive - a milestone in its ambitions towards becoming one of the world's leading FDI recipients.

Rent Cap Ease In Dubai To Stabilise Market -

Posted: 27 January 2014
A recent decree in Dubai which eases rent cap regulations - allowing landlords to increase rents by up to 20%, overriding the previous 5% cap - could improve stability in the market after a recent surge in property prices.

Mandatory Health Insurance For Residents And Tourists In Dubai -

Posted: 13 January 2014
The new law making health insurance mandatory for every resident and tourist in Dubai is being hailed as an admirable and ambitious step towards delivering a high-quality universal health-care service in the Emirate.

Islamic Economic Development Centre Will Harness US$6.7 Trillion Market -

Posted: 23 December 2013
A recent government decree to establish the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre is expected to appreciably advance the Emirate’s seven-pillared strategy to establish itself the capital of the Islamic economy within three years.

Dubai Holiday Home Licence Requirements Set to Bolster Tourism and Real-Estate Industries. -

Posted: 15 December 2013
A new law regulating Dubai's holiday homes market is likely to appreciably benefit two of its foremost industries, tourism and real estate, and represents an important step towards achieving Dubai's vision of attracting 20m annual visitors by the end of the decade.

Bond Lawyers Launches its New Investment and Real Estate Services in UAE -

Posted: 6 October 2013
Bond Lawyers has launched its new age investment and real estate services in the UAE. With considerable changes in the market since 2009, the legal framework has undergone substantial changes, which consequently call for different standard of legal services. Eli Hyder, Managing Partner at Bond Lawyers identified an opportunity in the recovering investment and real estate market – launching Bond Lawyers to fulfill new market demands.